I do not know about you, but my mind is already in summer. I can see myself there already: the sun, the beach, the tanned skin, the nights on the beach… My dressing also in the dream, we are both ready. (My banker much less…).

This summer, after thinking about the destinations that would make me dream, I must say that the South of France appeared as obvious. The cicadas, the lavender, the petanque players, the Provencal farmhouses … That’s where I want to spend my summer time.

The Summer collections have surely inspired me a lot. Fashion is in the South of France. Besides, thank to Jacquemus: the creeks have never been so trendy.


Dress – GlassesFloppy hat – DressHigh SandalsSkirtSandalsBagSwimsuit – Earrings

Even if I’m not the most feminine, this summer I will focus on the dresses and their fluids. All lightness. A floppy hat to protect me from the sun, a one-piece swimsuit to start the summer and a pair of cat-eye glasses. Bella Hadid has better to watch out – LOL. For accessories, I put all on the gold. The combo is perfect on tanned skin. A wicker tote for a casual look and for the shoes, just two options: a pair of flat colored leather sandals, to mix with a denim dress or shorts and a pair of square-heeled sandals to be stylish and comfortable with a nude color.

A beautiful summer assured!





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