I hope the sun will be back soon in Paris. The time I have to dream about this Spring has been dedicated to spotting trends of the season. When the sun is back, we don’t just want it in the sky but also in the wardrobe. Here are my must-have pieces to enter the trend (at low prices!).

1.   All we need is somebody in linen


Soft and trendy. Fluid and feminine. Linen is the fabric of the season. Dresses, pants, jackets and even accessories break down into this natural fiber. A pastel-pink-pant or a military inspiration jacket at Zara, H&M bets on the short and the dress for Asos. Big crush for the tailored stripe jacket by Mango!

2. My business suit


We don’t need to be working girls to wear a tailored suit, do we? Definitely not. Forget about the classic and strict suit stereotype. Brands play with colors and patterns to shake it up: a two-tone tweed tailored-skirt, a gingham check or an emerald green striped versions. The full-look works well also in almond green or in classic black. From girly to sporty styles, you just have to choose.

3. Your nanny’s skirt


Jacquemus has begun to trickle down into mass markets as we now “La Bomba” popping up everywhere in skirts and dresses of all lengths. In all fabrics, the job is well done. In denim and linen for Zara, a frilly skirt for H&M and Mango keeps the stripes for their version.

4. Bring me to the neighborhood market


You cannot avoid it: the straw bag is everywhere. If you are lucky enough, just check your grandma’s closet, pretty sure you will find one. Otherwise no matter the brand, you will find the one for you! We fell in love with a classic one from Mango, but if you want to look more fashionable, you can bet on the round or colorful versions. Zara and Asos offer the semi-lunar cut which smells good the holidays.

5. Be chic in mules


Already here last year and with nearly 120,000 posts on Instagram, mules caught everyone’s attention. Halfway between the casual shoe and the evening shoes, the mule is the new shoe in vogue. How to wear it? Version 2018, we forget the casual side … and we play with contrast! We opt instead for a chic outfit by combining it with a nice white shirt, knee-length skirt or jeans. With heels or flat, pointy or open-toed, it’s the perfect accessory for the season. We found a braided and a fringe version, between the classic black from H&M and Mango, with an amazing heel. For the color, bet on the nude and you won’t be disappointed.


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