If we believe Pantone Color Institute, 2018 will be quirky, inventive, and even forward-thinking through the new Color of the Year: Ultra Violet 18-3838. According to Pantone and after Greenery and its revitalizing, this color is more than a trend in design. It encourages boldness, creativity, and inventiveness. Besides, some designers already let themselves be tempted in their Spring/Summer 18 collections.

Moschino presents a rock’n’roll corset which brings to the fore a feminine chest. Calvin Klein chooses a classic pant to combine modernity and a safe bet. In a more retro-design, Kenzo proposes a 60’s inspiration dress – skilfully accessorized. Finally, Gucci confirms its new trend pioneer position with a total look UltraViolet look.

Of course dear readers, we don’t expect you to wear extravagant pieces such as Gucci but this new Color of the Year can be added smartly in your closet (take advantage of the sales period!). Find below some suggestions:

If you want to start slowly, we recommend you a classic outfit with a small touch of UltraViolet, such as accessories like the bag from La Redoute for 11,99€ (19,99€ before sales) and the scarf from Zara for 14,99€ (17,95€ b. s.).

We can also suggest you a pair of shoes to pimp up your style: both are from Asos (Boots: 33,49€ / Nike: 61,49€).

A timeless piece could be also a top to wear with black or blue jeans in any circumstances: Mango shirt, now 19,99€ and Edwin men T-shirt, 23,99€.

Lastly, you could be even bolder and opt for an UltraViolet jacket. For women, we choose a varnished padded jacket (43,49 €) and for men a velvet classic blazer (65,99 €).

The rest is up to you! Please share with us your ideas/purchases in the comment section below or share your UltraViolet look on Instagram using #MyUltraViolet.



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