On October 24th and 25th of this year, the hotel Potocki welcomed Vogue Fashion Festival, second edition in partnership with Swarovski and as special guest Karl Lagerfeld. From masterclasses to conferences, the great names in the world of fashion gave their advice. Here are key things for us to remember:

The creativity: The subject was highlighted. François-Henri Pinault, Kering’s CEO, gave his advice to reach Millenials. He took as examples Saint Laurent or Gucci that have created a harmonious creative universe consistent for this generation. The emotional component really matters for this age group while rational luxury codes like heritage or craftsmanship don’t speak enough to them. He recommended brands to create desire and dream through a strong story-telling and to satisfy their emotional need by a creative risk-taking. Also, the relationship between art and fashion has been spotlighted by collaborations such as Louis Vuitton with Takeshi Murakami, Richard Prince or Stephen Sprouse as well as fashion exhibitions in prestigious museums like Christian Dior in Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

Channels of communication 2.0: Jacquemus or Caroline de Maigret testified of Instagram’s added value in their brand image or in their career. They recommended being universal while at the same time staying honest and sincere. Snapchat became one of the most influential social media, very successful with young people. Emmanuel Durant, general manager of Snapchat France explained that the app and fashion have for common point the creative spirit but also announced it should be recast, allowing users to find easily new influencers to follow. He concluded with Snapchat glasses made to eliminate barriers and be able to record in real-time memories.  Finally, Karl Lagerfeld, a special guest of this edition, mentioned these ways of communication, giving, for example, his sketches sent by iPhone or his fittings for Fendi by Facetime.


Be passionate: Whether it is to launch your start-up or succeed in your interview for a job, the idea is the same: you have to enjoy what you are doing and believe in it. For Ingrid Brochart, Panoply’s founder, “When we believe, it goes faster.” No matter what ambitions or projects, recommendations were to strike out and trust your ideas.

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