Terry Richardson is the « Harvey Weinstein of fashion ». After scandals in Hollywood, tongues are starting to loosen also in the fashion world. The powerful tsunami of accusations launched against the famous producer smashes also the once-famous photographer, well known for his «porno chic» and his provocative pictures with erotic or sexual assumed character.


On October 23, The Telegraph reported that Condé Nast was refusing to work with the artist after many models have accused him of sexual assault.

The power. That is what these men are using. Industries like cinema or fashion imply that men, such as Terry Richardson or Harvey Weinstein, are the gatekeepers to an actress or model’s career. They make unsuspecting, aspiring models and actresses that knowing them is a gift– an excellent springboard for the rest of their career… But in reality, the story is different. These men abuse their power to obtain what they want. The fashion world creates a social and newsworthy environment where reports of sexual assaults are met with blank stares, excuses, or are simply trivialized.

After the ousting of Terry Richardson, the fashion world should not stop here. Its role is now to denounce and put on trial the ones who have been serial abusers. The harassment has to stop everywhere, in every industry, and not only in the street but also in the attitudes towards sexual assault survivors.


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